Nearest Skydive to Bangkok-Pattaya with ocean view

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Your First Jump Tandem


Free pick up & drop by luxury private car, Free certificate

Package Include:

– Free pick-up and drop-off from Pattaya
– 13,000 ft (4,000m) tandem skydive with a professional USPA instructor
– 60 seconds of Skydiving at 200km/h
– 5 minute parachute ride
– Personalized skydive certificate
– Skydiving Thailand T-shirt
– Skydiving Thailand souvenirs

Video Standard

3,800 baht per person


– Pre- and post-jump interview

– 1080p HD skydive video from a freefall photographer

Video + Photos

4,800 baht per person


– Pre- and post-jump interview
– 1080p HD skydive video
– 1080p HD skydive video from a freefall photographer’s GoPro
– High resolution photographs from a freefall photographer

The Process

Why Is Altitude Important?

As professional skydivers, we insist on performing all our jumps from 13,000 feet (4,000 meters) for the best experience.

The thrill of skydiving is in the freefall and its duration solely depends on altitude, 13,300 feet, we guarantee you will have around 60 seconds of freefall before the instructor deploys the parachute at 5,000 feet.

Prepare yourself for jumping

Our friendly staff will assist you in checking in upon your arrival at the dropzone. About 15 minutes before take-off your instructor will take you into the restricted area to prepare you for your jump with a short training session. They will help you put on the harness and then you’ll receive a thorough safety check before boarding the aircraft.

The Best Ocean View

Enjoy the scenic ride to altitude over the stunning beaches of Rayong. At 13,000 feet, you will exit the aircraft together with your instructor and begin the ultimate freefall experience! At about 5,000 feet, the instructor deploys the main parachute and you enjoy a scenic parachute flight before a smooth touchdown in our grass landing area.

Take photos and video

Take photos with your friends and family to celebrate your skydive! Cool down in our air-conditioned facilities as we create your personalised video. Our staff will hand it to you together with a certificate, a free T-shirt and some other souvenirs. If you booked a shuttle service, we will also organize you on the next minibus to the drop off location.

  • At least 8 years old and must present legal ID at registration
  • Maximum allowable weight is 116 kg.
  • No health conditions that prevent participation in a skydive
  • Must be sober (no alcohol or drugs in your system)
  • No scuba diving 24 hours prior to your skydive
  • Participants over 60 years old must bring a completed medical certificate
  • Wear shorts or long pants (no skirts or dresses)
  • Wear closed toe footwear with flat soles
  • Wear a comfortable top which covers your shoulders and allows arm movement
  • Wear contact lenses or prescription glasses if needed
  • Avoid wearing bulky eyewear

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