Payments, Deposit’s and Refunds

All booking made by either Credit or Debit Card will require you to produce the Credit or Debit Card used to make the booking.

Please note all deposits or payments are transferable but non-refundable. If you wish to move your booking to an alternative date it can be done at no extra cost.

If you no longer wish to jump you may transfer your booking to a friend or family member.

Deposits cannot be credited towards another persons jump as we may have had to turn people away for that slot.

Refunds will only be given on production of a valid, signed Doctor’s certificate that clearly states the person named is unfit to jump. Should your jump be cancelled due to factors outside your or our control (i.e: inclement weather, aircraft unserviceability) a full refund will be given.

AFF and “A” License students will be refunded less 30% charge to cover insurance cost and administrative expenses already incurred by {{ company }}. Refunds for AFF and “A” License students will only be given on production of a valid medical certificate saying the individual is no longer fit to jump or the Instructor’s think you are not capable of progressing further in the course.

Weight Limits

Maximum weight for Tandem is 113 Kg. However, those over 90 Kg but less than 100 Kg must pay a “weight supplement” of 1,000 THB.

Over 100 Kg must pay a weight supplement of 2,000 THB to cover the extra work of the Instructor.

Weight limit for AFF is 100 Kg.

Group Discount’s

In order to qualify for the group discount you must all book together at least 24 hours in advance with deposit paid for each of your group. If you have booked in advance you can add to your group either by phone or email up to 24 hours in advance of your jump date (i.e: you will not qualify for group discount by joining up as a group on the bus to the drop zone).

Free of charge

Last Updated: 22nd October 2019